Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 5 Must-Have Characteristics of a Good Recruiter

Sourcing the right people for the right job provides for a good foundation from where important hiring decisions are made to bring people with exceptional abilities and performance into the job for the company’s success. To be a good recruiter, it takes more than just sitting in the office and waiting for applicants to send in resumes. Great talents sometimes have to be tapped from various opportunities aside from the usual. In this age of advanced technology, networking sites and online job sites do a lot to help in the recruitment process which recruiters can utilize to find the right candidates. Good recruiters also look out for potential candidates from job fairs. However, it is not enough to just recruit any candidate. Without having the right characteristic a recruiter may only get poorly-trained and under-performing employees. To be able to spot potential top talents in the corporate world, a good recruiter must possess certain characteristics including the following: Be connected Social internet networking sites can be utilized to tap a lot of great talents. Be active in LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and other various social connections where recruiters can amass a great pool of talent. Internet allows people to be connected not just to people they know but also to other people that they are linked to, creating a wide network that can be utilized for the purpose. A good recruiter does not easily get satisfied with sourcing from just one channel but is constantly on the lookout and researching for the right one. Product knowledge Before you start on any step in the recruitment process, go over the description and the requirements of the position you are hiring for thoroughly so you will have a very good understanding of the kind of person that is needed for the job. You must be able to extensively discuss responsibilities that come with the position and employer’s expectations to give a clear-cut idea of what the job entails. Also, equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about the company that’s hiring for the vacancy and the compensation and benefits being offered since these are the things that would interest a possible recruit. Convincing power Recruiters serve as spokespersons of the companies who are hiring. Most great talents are not freelancers at the time they are found or currently contemplating other offers. A good recruiter must be able to convince the potential recruit why this offer is better than others he is entertaining or why this company is a perfect fit for his capabilities. The ability to sweet-talk potential candidates is a characteristic that every recruiter must have. Good background investigator Thorough background checks are necessary before bringing in a candidate for the final selection process. It gives further information and a different perspective on a candidate’s current and past work history and criminal records, if any. Some screenings are quite thorough to involve credit ratings and drug abuses. Background checks are used to identify possible problematic behaviors. Be a keen observer and assessor. A potential candidate may have great talents and achievements under his belt but those are not enough to assure that he is a perfect fit for the position. Every company has its own particular culture and a good recruiter must be very sharp to see beyond work performance level to see that an individual can be flexible enough and be full of congeniality to adjust and adapt into the company’s own world. Not everyone has the natural flair to be a recruiter but bearing these characteristics in mind gives you all the opportunities to develop and mold yourself and bring you on top of the game.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The unique tips you need to go from being a good recruiter to being a great recruiter II

  Last month we gave you 4 tips that will help you to go from being a good recruiter to being a great recruiter!  It’s not enough to just be enthusiastic and know the basics (eg: database systems, filing systems, how to format a resume, etc).  To be a truly successful recruiter, you need the base attributes of industry knowledge, experience and being good with people, PLUS you also need those extra special tips and tricks to make it to the top of the ladder! This month we have 4 more unique tips that will help you go from being a good recruiter to being a great recruiter!

1.     Follow up: this is the number 1 complaint I hear about recruiters!  They call a candidate, get them all excited about the perfect position only to never seem to follow through!  Now I am the first to admit, the candidates I give personal preference to are the ones who will call me to see how things are tracking (they show initiative, gumption and tenacity – all extremely good skills and qualities I would love all of my candidates to posses), BUT in the end, it is our responsibility as the recruiters to keep in touch with our candidates – always let them know any updates and if there are none, then even just a phone call to say “there has been no news yet” is better than no contact.  It is always critically important to keep in touch with your candidates, but ESPECIALLY so when you have given them something to look forward to!
2.     All roads to Rome: one thing you will discover is that there are as many ways to handle recruiting as there are people who work as recruiters!  There is no one right way.  I recommend that you take the time to sit with a few different mentors and you will see that different personalities handle the elements of recruiting in many different and varied ways.  When you are starting out, you might like to write yourself a few scripts and sets of questions, BUT I recommend that you learn these and make sure you don’t sound like you are reading from a script, be natural!  The other tip is to personalize each interaction, ie: does the candidate have a certain skillset or qualification that makes them desirable for the particular vacancy; does the client have a specific set of requirements; what is it about the person/s you are speaking with or leaving messages for that makes them unique?
3.     Don’t take it personally: this is probably one of the hardest aspects about working in recruitment, it is an industry that is based on people – and we all know that people are changeable.  Don’t take ANYTHING personally, clients change their mind, candidates take another position with someone else – it is not about you, it’s about people choosing whatever path seems right to them at the time.  If you can manage not to personalize the ‘rejection’ you will do so much better in this career! 
4.     Never stop learning: much of the success of this career choice is in managing time and people, BUT change is a constant you can count on and sometimes it will require you to be adaptable, to learn new things, to extend yourself.  If you have a desire to always learn and grow, you will be successful in ANYTHING you put your mind to!

Just like life, in recruitment we deal with people - there will be bad times, but there will be good times!!  Don’t forget you can use a mentor to help you push through, you need to ensure you keep in touch with the people who are currently advertising or being put forward for a role, make sure you keep up your networking, take nothing personally and pick up that phone every day!!  The recruiters that go from good to great are the ones to consistently take action with these points!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The unique tips you need to go from being a good recruiter to being a great recruiter I

If you are new to recruiting, it can be a little bit daunting (to say the least!).  Many new recruiters have copious experience within their chosen field or industry and are very good with people – these are highly sought after attributes for a successful recruiter, but on their own do not MAKE a successful recruiter.

To be a successful recruiter, you must also know the tips and tricks of the recruitment trade!  Of course you will need to learn the systems of the workplace, their database, filing systems, follow up systems.  You will need to know how to format a resume and the processes for submitting candidates to clients.  This month and next we have some excellent tips that differ from the normal advice, which will help you go from being a good recruiter to being a GREAT recruiter!!

1.     The power of a Mentor: no matter how enthusiastic you are, the experience of someone who is seasoned in the industry is invaluable.  It is good to see how they manage their time, how they speak on the phone or with people, how they structure their day, how they leave voicemail messages and what jobs they give priority to.  A mentors hands on experience will help you learn quicker, as they have already been through the trial and error processes and can help you learn to adapt styles that suit you!  If your company doesn’t provide you with one, ask around the senior and successful staff members – usually they are honoured to be a mentor!
2.     Pick up the phone: this can be one of the scariest things for any new recruiter!  You can analyse resumes and read through files until the cows come home, but the only REAL way to get to know your clients and your candidates is to pick up the phone and talk to them.  Most people find it a good idea to plan your calls for first thing in the day, that way you don’t end up avoiding it!  You may also like to prepare a sheet of questions so that your call has purpose and you keep on track!
3.     The power of networking: this really is the MOST important activity for any recruiter!  I know it can be all too easy to get wrapped up in the current position/s you are trying to fill and it can consume your day, but if you DON’T make time for networking, you are at risk of allowing your potential pool of candidates and clients dry up.  Make time to attend events, stay in contact with people who have stood out in the past (you may not have something for them at the moment, but when the perfect job comes up, won’t it be nice that you have kept the communication lines open!).  Schedule some time EVERY day to network – this will keep you top of mind and also increases your chances of someone referring others to you!
4.     Don’t be afraid of new terms or technology: often we will hear of a new technology or skill set that a client wants or a candidate has and we won’t know much about it.  Don’t let this worry you, take 10 minutes to Google it and see how you can educate yourself; or alternately – call the client or the candidate and ask them to explain it all to you!  If you get in the mindset that you CAN recruit anyone, nothing will daunt you, as you know that you can always find out the information you need to best match your candidates with your clients!!

Next month we’ll have 4 more unique tips to help you go from being just a good recruiter to being a great recruiter!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting your candidate in front of your client

We all dream about it, that perfect candidate, meeting our valued client - sparks flying and voila: a perfect placement!  And yes, that is the crux of ALL we try to achieve as recruiters, but the sticking point is often that a candidate who looks good on paper may not get in front of our client!

So it got me thinking about ‘the noise’ our clients have to sift through to assess who may be the perfect candidates and how we get to that all important interview phase.  Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter how good someone looks on paper if our candidates are not in front of our clients it ‘just ain’t gonna happen’.

A placement requires interviews
Of course we know this, BUT how many of us assess the statistics of number of resumes to sendouts (interviews) and number of interviews to placements.  These numbers are important, not only to understand how to give yourself the best chance of securing placements, but also because here is where we can also see if we are going wrong!

These days client interviews are also likely the most common measurement managers are using to judge the performance and success rate of recruiting and staff professionals.

Quality of Candidates Submitted
The Quality of Candidates Submitted metric determines the number of candidates who progress to interview stage as a factor of the number of resumes submitted to a client.  This ratio becomes a balance of supplying your client with enough varied choices to make a sound hiring decision, without overwhelming them or providing unsuitable candidates.  A high number of resumes submitted compared with a low number of interviews suggests that the candidates being put forward aren’t being properly qualified.

p.s. According the the 2012 Recruiting Benchmarks Report, the average Quality of Candidates Submitted ratio is 4:1.
Getting your Candidate in front of your Client
So, if you are aiming for a 4:1 ratio, what are the best steps you can take to ensure you are submitting the right number of resumes and obtaining the correct number of interviews?

1.     Ensure you know how many interviews your client would like (so obvious, but a critical step that many recruiters forget!),
2.     Ensure you have at least 2 candidates that you believe are PERFECT for your client,
3.     Submit enough resumes to meet the 4:1 ratio based on the number of interviews your client is aiming for, and lastly
4.     ENSURE that each candidate you submit meets with the clients qualifications (or if they don’t match every criteria, be sure you are able to AND have the opportunity to explain WHY you think they are suitable for the client).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Applying for a job should be as easy as making a phone call!

There has been a HUGE increase in job candidates signing into mobile job ads!  Certainly with the sheer number of people now sporting smart phones (even my Dad bought himself one for his 75th birthday!) it’s not surprising that we are increasingly becoming mobile in our daily lives.

Never was it more true for the job market in Australia than right now!  With the number of jobs being posted daily, many job seekers are moving away from the traditional online websites, preferring the ease and simplicity of the mobile job ad boards.

The basic difference with the mobile boards, is that once you are registered, your desired jobs are pushed to your mobile phone.  In the case of www.JobEzy.com.au, you can also respond and apply for your desired job by simply responding to the text or email alert!

I’ve posted before about Information overload:

Mobile job ads remove the overwhelm, because you set up the alerts to ONLY send you the jobs you are interested in (removing the need to troll though hundreds and hundreds of jobs that aren’t what you want) and then you can simply respond from your mobile!!  Mobile job ads are also specifically designed for smartphones, so no worrying about pages not loading or delays or missing info!

It’s also far more private (who wants to get caught using the computer at work looking for a new job), more instant response (be the first to get your application and resume sent to the advertiser) and of course just plain simple and easy!

Mobile job ads are super convenient and JobEzy prides ourselves on removing the overwhelm of searching for your dream job!

Come and see what all the fuss is about – give yourself the BEST advantage to get your dream job: JobEzy it’s Easy, Convenient, very fast and discrete. We seek out Jobs for you.